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Although the software program is still 6 months from going public, an earlier version of N indicates Android 7.0 might be the best Android yet.

Last week, Google launched Android Beta, an application designed to give developers (along with other Android obsessives) a short look at what’s next to the world’s most widely used mobile operating-system. 9apps android For now, meaning people can make use of the program to use Android N, the latest (and unreleased) version of Android. Although the software program is still couple of months from going public, investigating what Google has cooking is an excellent way to determine what kind of Android depends on waiting.

So, I opted in for the Android Beta program along the new OS freshly placed on my Nexus 6 within a few minutes. [Warning: If you’re additionally a fellow OS explorer, it is possible to enroll in Android Beta also. But we propose using a secondary device. Unstable builds is capable of doing a lot of wonky what to a phone, so download your own risk.]

Ever since Material Design was travelling to Android Lollipop in 2014, updates are actually just a small compilation of nips and tucks, making for cleaner, sleeker look, as opposed to a wholesale redesign. Last year, fingerprint and app permissions were long-standing features that Android ended up being missing, and also the release of Android N, it seems like Google is planning to add a few more.

Two apps can be better than one
The starting update the majority of people will notice is split screen support, something Google’s Pixel C tablet desperately needed several months back. Apple introduced precisely the same feature due to its tablets on iOS 9 in September, and Samsung’s been doing split screen stuff since time immemorial. However, unlike Apple, Google is also adding the feature to its smartphones. For small phones such as the Nexus 5 or 5x, it will be somewhat superfluous. But with the behemoths referred to as the Nexus 6 (our demo unit) as well as the slightly less gargantuan 6p, maybe it’s a worthwhile feature.

Here how you launch screen


Google apps can currently reap the benefits of multitasking support and also some third-party apps (like Twitter and Evernote), however they can be somewhat buggy. Android even warns having a pop-up that all apps operate in split screen mode, but that produces sense since app developers are simply just starting to build for one more version Android.

To test the revolutionary split screen feature, start Gmail or Hangouts or some other Google app, and long press within the app card. You’ll notice that anyone can control the charge card. Drag the app to the top level of the screen, release and Android will launch into split screen view. Select a second app on the carousel and voila!You can use the slider between both apps to regulate the size of either window. All these functions also are employed in landscape mode.

You may also dig deep within the System UI Tuner in Settings allow a swipe up motion that can launch split screen mode. To each their unique.

Another cool trick you need to use in split screen mode is dragging text between windows. Unfortunately, it absolutely was too buggy will be able to capture reliably, but here’s video evidence its existence.

Once you’re on the whole two-apps-at-a-time thing, you are able to press your house button and return to your home screen. However, sit-ups and crunches the multitasking symbol now appears like an equal sign, as well as your notifications bar can be a different colour. That means split screen mode remains to be running inside background. You can press the equal sign to jump to your two windows or long press the button to exit out completely.

Notifications with style
The other big cosmetic makeover is inside notifications pane. Most, it not exclusively, notifications now show more essential information and in addition include the chance to reply directly. The cards themselves also now sport a cleaner design.


The Growing Of UCWeb Browser In India

UCWeb’s success and adoption rate in India is quick. As the company looks to sustain its leadership position in India and target greater traction from Tier II & III cities, the management team will probably be focusing on localisation of product, driving deeper content and service integration and adding more features that appeal to our consumers’ need

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In this exclusive interview with CrazyEngineers, we have Mr. Kenny Ye, MD, UCWeb India to share with you his insights on his or her product, their rise in India, major roadblocks, biggest turning point and much more. Read on!

CE: From Zheijan University to like a Product Manager at Huawei to donning the hat of the MD and Director at UCWeb, how gets the journey been?
Kenny Ye: India technological landscape is fast evolving which is an exciting the perfect time to be at the forefront of UCWeb’s India journey. But, performing a diverse team have their challenges and thrills. 9apps fast download I firmly feel that no leadership model is universal and different styles work effectively under different situations. It’s about moving ahead as a team rather than centering on just your own personal goals. My leadership mantra is an easy quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, “To handle yourself, takes place head; To handle others, make use of your heart. I stick to the same principle in life

CE: What as outlined by you is best part about your work on UC Web?

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Kenny Ye: The biggest challenge I have faced is putting together teams yourself and leading them in multiple markets with diverse cultural and ethnical backgrounds. Each market being different, poses unique challenges and barriers to entry for that leaders. I spent time to understand each market, its uniqueness, as well as the diversities to win the trust of my subordinates

I have a very fair bit of go do on a monthly basis under my current role. I use this opportunity to have a lay in the land, see the culture, people and use that experience to supply richer products to your users around the world.

CE: Which key features inside UC Browser do you think you’re the most satisfied with and why?

Kenny Ye: UC Browser is exclusive in many ways. We were the primary mobile browser show them cloud computing technology back inside year 2004. With more people accessing internet on their own mobile phones, we have now developed an easy-to-use navigation. Features for instance speed mode, background download, download manager and multiple Add-ons distinguish UC Browser off their products from the market

In Sept, UCWeb released its biggest update in more than a year to its mobile browser for Android users, UC Browser 10.7. The latest version of UC Browser has a customizable homepage with cards-like UI navigation. The key options that come with UC Browser 10.7 include – Background Download, Auto Pager, Speed Mode II, Facebook Acceleration, Control Videos with Gestures, Quick Access Cards, Faster Browsing, Less Data Usage, Local Content along with an advanced integrated Download Manager.

CE: What has driven the growth for your UC Browser in India? What is its USP?

Kenny Ye: We have seen staggering success inside Indian market throughout the last few quarters. As of today, 1 of the 2 mobile page viewed in India is accessed via UC Browser. Along with this, UC Browser is currently the world’s second most widely used mobile browser with 18.6% share of the market, surpassing Safari and Android onpage view share of the market.

Not that, UC Browser is actually the third most used app in India after Facebook and WhatsApp, in accordance with a report released by The Information determined by data furnished by Quettra. The browser also became part from the 100 million daily active users (DAU) club, becoming one with the few apps to take pleasure from such high user engagement worldwide.

Apart from offering the best buyer experience at lowest data cost, we now have made significant localisation efforts to serve each market, including synergistic tie-ups that add value to your users. Even though we like a healthy business, we continuously endeavor to reach out to users in newer markets through roadshows, city-specific tie-ups, brand promotions and much more

CE: Which localisation techniques been employed well for Indian market?

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Kenny Ye: Apart on the popular features available globally, UC browser has added these to suit the requirements of an Indian user, propelling us ahead on the curve:

In regions with low connectivity our data compression feature is of big help. UC Browser even offers offline video and reading features accessible for people who are need to save data charge and have absolutely sporadic net connection.
UC Browser has added local language support more than 10 Indian languages, including Hindi.
UC Browser may be working closely with Facebook to produce faster use of Facebook than some other player. Tests demonstrate that UC Browser is 30%-65% faster than its competitors when it comes to time consumed to load Facebook pages.
Also, UC Browser users are competent to receive real-time Facebook notifications about the browser. This is the primary time Facebook has partnered with a mobile browser allowing real-time notifications away from its native app.
UCWeb also customises its browser dependant on popular events like cricket and football. For cricket related events, we have now launched an all-in-one cricket application “UC-Cricket”. The application provides complete and up-to-date information including ball-by-ball updates, live scores, previews, commentaries, interviews, stats, photos, video and even more.
Further, UCWeb has partnered with local content service providers to supply numerous Bollywood movies with copyrights to Indian users. Additionally, users could also check their PNR status straight from UC Browser.
CE: What has become the major roadblocks (the toughest challenge) for UC Browser in India when compared with other countries? How did your team tackle it?
Kenny Ye: Being a developing nation, India poses many challenges for global companies eying a share on the pie. Many Indian users are new inside the mobile world not understanding how to find content, services and apps. India’s page is concentrated with 80% inside age bracket of twenty five years and younger. Most online users in India stay male. Also, users in non-metros face issues of weak connectivity and slow browsing speeds. An average Indian user would like to save cost on data browsing and downloading.

CE: What was the turning point for UC Browser’s success in India?

Kenny Ye: Our success and early adoption gave us the confidence to file for 9Apps and 9Game –leading third-party app stores for Android apps and games. Today, 9Apps is one in the most popular Android marketplaces globally having a huge audience base plus an abundant and varied app repository for apps and games. The stores have 140 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and possess reached 8.5 million Daily Active Users (DAUs) with well over 18 million daily aggregate downloads of apps and games. With a clear consentrate on newer frontiers, 9Apps specializes in compact and localised apps. We have also ventured into India’s mobile gaming scene using the launch from the mobile UC Crazy Run.

CE: Among the emerging trends in mobile browsing space, what in accordance with you would be the hottest one and what type do you think has arrived to last?

Kenny Ye: Till very recently, the mobile browsing experience was mimicking the desktop one with minute changes. That is fast changing. With so much data available therefore many past browsing habits to attract from, browsers can come up with customised serp’s with integrated add-on service options.

Since India is often a mobile-first market, firms that make mobile a central section of their strategy may benefit from the probability to engage the brand new constantly-connected consumer

CE: What is going to be your message on your readers?

Kenny Ye: UC Browser is definitely able to adapt the ever-changing mobile environment since feature phone era, and it continues to be evolving constantly over the years. By providing a one-stop browsing gateway, UC Browser makes mobile services conveniently accessible, helping improve and reshape the mobile lifestyle of our own users worldwide. We will keep reach new users through unique localisation and personalisation efforts.

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If you think in our vision, please help by suggesting new startup companies to your team. It does not matter how little or big the startup is; if it has raised funding or has achieved any milestone. Leave every one of the hard work of choice of startups to feature in Founders Circuit in our team. If the startup you suggested gets featured; we are going to proudly mention your name inside featured write-up. You can contact our company here.​


Android is busy the mobile development market

Android is busy conquering the mobile database development market high are a signifigant amounts of companies who’ve moved on to mobile database integration by landing with Android app development projects. Since Android can be an open source platform, the buzz is growing steadily where there are many mobile application developers that are trying to make the most effective use on the mobile platform. 9apps free download Since most on the startups in mobile app development depend upon free app development tools and technologies, it’s easy for them to consume Android-based development projects for meeting customers’ demands.


Mobile developers who create Android apps count on Java language mainly however the Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A) can be used consistently for writing applications in Python, Perl as well as other environments. With the recent developments inside platform with Android 2.3 and Android 4.0, the developers obtained the opportunity to start growth of apps in Android because the latest versions support Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR technologies.

Android SDK is provided to developers for your app development process with the environment for writing, testing and debugging mobile apps.

The Eclipse IDE is effective for a fast and simple Android content management process. One can colorize it for you using the Android Development Tools Plugin which thus can be useful for enhancing the quality and quantity of Android mobile apps.

Android Emulator means that the testing and debugging process using Android device-emulators is conducted smoothly which assists developers to build an environment which simulates the features on the OS as well as being the mobile devices.

Android app developers utilize Android framework APIs and benefit from a plethora of C/C++ libraries. The libraries include System C library, SQlite, SGL graphics engine, 3D libraries and a few others technologies.

Mobile app developers who work Android app development can advertise off their mobile solutions within the Android Market as well as publicize it with a website. Android Marketplace is basically a questionnaire store which had been launched by Google for Android-based apps distribution. The apps are produced and provided by developers worldwide and also the store now features more than 200,000 Android apps which prove it is second towards the iOS which is fast catching up in popularity.

The Android platform has extensively expanded its wings inside the mobile app development market and has now gained substantially too for tablet PCs too. With the advent in the offshore software development market, the mobile market has vouched for outsourcing from the process that’s resulted in drastic returns in productivity and costs